3 Reasons I’m Blogging Again

Reason 1: I miss it

Life changes. And so do blogs. I’ve been blogging at different places for several years now–when blogs weren’t cool, and then were really cool, and now when they’re only cool for certain reasons. I haven’t blogged for about 6 months, and I miss it.

Blogging taught me to formulate thoughts before I ever spoke in front of people. Now I speak regularly and attribute any kind of comfort I have to, you guessed it, blogging.

I want to continue becoming a better writer and communicator. Blogging will help me do that.

Reason 2: my church

I also want to stay in touch with my church family more than just once a week. Central, many posts will be written with you in mind. Comment, text me, call me. Let’s keep growing in Christ together. Maybe this will be a helpful medium for us to do that.

Reason 3: other pastors

It’s impossible for me to turn thoughts about pastoring, church, and preaching off, so many posts will be about that. Church revitalization is hard work, and I’ve only been doing it for 6 months! I realize most church members won’t care about this side of things, and that’s OK (not sure I would either!). Others of you who are pastors and ministry leaders hopefully will. Help me by sharing your thoughts about the same topics. I’m a rookie, so I need your help!

For what its worth, this is the new blog. Thanks for joining the conversation.


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