Like Arrows in Your Quiver

1771893902_2f6883341dImagine you’re a warrior about to go into battle. It’s time for the final inventory of gear before heading out. Traditional Native American war paint, check. Appropriate attire, check. Bow, check. Quiver (the thing that holds the arrows), check. When it comes time to add the arrows to your quiver, you pause and decide it would just be unnecessary added weight. “Nope, arrows are staying.”

Um, yeah, bad idea.

It doesn’t take a medicine man to figure out you’ll soon be receiving the scalping instead of giving it, my friend.

What Arrows Are Like

Why would we think it’s a dumb idea to go into physical war without arrows but a good idea to go into spiritual warfare without arming ourself with God’s Word?

When it comes to spiritual warfare, God’s Word is compared to a sword (Eph 6:17). It’s the only offensive piece of equipment a Christian has. Sure, we can hunker down and extinguish flaming darts with our shield of faith, but the only thing that causes Satan to leave us alone is, you guessed it, the sword–God’s Word.

I like to think of God’s Word as a similar offensive weapon–arrows. Each verse is an arrow, and the way you put the arrows into the quiver is by memorizing them–storing them for later. When temptation or trial comes, the Holy Spirit takes the arrow out of your quiver and into the bow. Now the only thing you’ve got to do is fire the arrow by meditating on the Scripture the Spirit just brought to mind.

Our Role

Yes, it’s the Spirit who helps you use the arrows, but if you and I aren’t disciplined enough to get God’s Word into our minds by memorizing it, the Spirit is left grasping for air in an empty quiver.

Do you want to run into battle with no ammo? Will the spiritual forces just not leave you alone? The way to fight back is with God’s Word. And the way God will help you fight is by reminding you of the Scripture you’ve already memorized.

Get ready. Put some arrows of His Word in your mind. Living a Christian life without doing so is like running to battle with an empty quiver. Satan might not be able to destroy you, but he won’t leave you alone either.


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