Random Thoughts

I love preaching and our people, but I wonder if I’m missing something if the only thing people come away saying is, “OK, now I understand that passage.” Is the point of preaching merely to accurately teach information? I don’t think so. Certainly preaching must have teaching information from the text, but it must urge application of the text. Something must change in our lives because of God’s Word. Like @mattferd said, yes it’s the Spirit’s job to prod and work in ways I can’t. But is the Spirit prone to apply a sermon that is basically a historical lesson that doesn’t urge life-change? Just asking.

My meetup softball group is almost done meeting.¬†I was standing in left field on Saturday thinking, “You know, is the way I live my life really that much different than these people?” Yeah, their sexual ethics are likely different, and many of them have poor language, but when I get up in the morning, do I have different motives than them that lead to different actions? Am I living distinct enough to really show that following Jesus really does impact someone’s life? I want to.

The playoffs start tomorrow. Baseball is a great sport because its so different than any other one. Everything is so precise. The difference between being paid millions more every year is the difference between batting .280 and .250. That’s 3 hundredths of a difference. And now after 162 games, the Reds’ season comes down to one against the Pirates in a one and done game tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing what happens!

We love our daughter. She has a one month checkup today. A week or so ago I was thinking out loud to Lynsey: “She’s not going to leave the house for a substantial amount of time until 5 years from now.” FIVE YEARS!! And she won’t talk until about a year from now. It seems so slow right now. (I know, all you parents with older kids are going to give me the “But before you know it . . .”)



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