What Makes Christianity Distinct From All Other Religions

mountain-01Many people think of religions as all the same. Have you ever heard this analogy?

It’s like climbing a mountain. You climb from the east (Hinduism), I climb from the west (Islam), and our friend climbs from the north (Christianity). We’re all climbing to the same God at the top of the mountain, we’re just coming at it from different angles.

This analogy sounds good and seems to make sense. But Christianity is different because it teaches that no one can get up the mountain. Not one person in the world is strong enough, brave enough, or has enough endurance to live a good enough live to make God pleased with him. “There is none righteous, no not one” (Romans 3:10).

In Christianity, we look up the mountain and we realize that it’s too steep, too dangerous, and we simply do not have what it takes to make it up there. We are too much unlike God–unworthy.

But just then, we are shocked and overjoyed to see not someone like us making it up, but someone very different coming down. It’s God Himself in Jesus Christ. He came down and offers to carry us back up by His grace.

There is no other religion in the world that teaches that.


(I’m positive I did not come up with this, but I can’t remember where I got it. Just know it was someone a lot smarter than I.)


3 thoughts on “What Makes Christianity Distinct From All Other Religions

  1. Sounds like something David Platt said, but I can’t remember from what book, or even if he came up with the analogy. Either way, a good thought!

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