One Thing About Dating

We’re doing a series about sex and sexuality at Central for students. Last night we talked about dating.


One thing about dating more people need to consider is how the roles for husband and wife in marriage should influence the way you date. If God has called the man to be the spiritual leader in the home, then is he a leader in the process of dating? If you’re a guy, will the girl you’re dating let you lead her?

Who Initiates?

Is the girl the one who shows first interest? Is she the one pursuing the guy? That’s generally not a good sign. Don’t expect the man to be the leader in the home if he’s the follower from day 1 in the relationship. Men, don’t expect your future girlfriend to be a good follower to your leadership in marriage if she’s the one initiating the relationship now.

I have seen relationships where the girl is the one pursuing the guy. The guy may be flattered, but he’s not challenged. Many times, the guy gets bored and breaks it off. Ladies, he needs to see you as a challenge to win. When you pursue him, he’s not challenged. Let him initiate things and pursue you.

Who Steers?

When it comes to spiritual issues (and other issues), who is the one who says, “You know, I think we should draw this boundary here.” The guy or the girl? Nothing inherently wrong with the girl bringing things like that up, but if the guy has zero initiative in leading spiritual conversations or making spiritual decisions (or any decisions for that matter), then that’s a red flag. Ladies, he won’t change that much after marriage. If he’s not leading spiritually in your dating, he won’t in your marriage. Men, if she’s not willing to follow your spiritual leading in your dating, she wont’ in your marriage.

How else do the biblical roles for men and women impact dating?


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