Spray Cologne Before You Leave Work

brut-cologne-by-faberge-3-4-oz-cologne-spray-plastic-bottle-unboxed-menOne day at my old workplace, Randall House, I noticed a bottle of cologne in my boss’ office. I asked Matt why he had it, and he said he sometimes uses it just before he goes home. That seemed like a strange thing to do as most people spray cologne or perfume at the beginning of the day, not the end.

I’ll never forget what Matt Markins said to me that day:

My real ministry starts when I get home.

Matt wanted to minister to his family so much that he wanted to smell good for his wife more then he did his co-workers.

On another occasion Matt told me he would periodically take naps after work so he could have the energy he needed to be fully present with his family when he got home.

Matt gets it, and he communicated something I strive to reflect even though I have a very young family: pastoral ministry starts at home.

Timothy Paul Jones said you will rarely see your ministry reflect that which your family does not model.

So go home today, pastor, but before you do, be sure to spray some cologne.


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