A Sermon Satan Loves

There are two kinds of sermons that Satan loves.

1. A Sermon Without Jesus

Charles Spurgeon said:

No Christ in your sermon sir? Then go home and don’t come back until you have something worth preaching.

Jesus is the point of the Bible. He is the embodiment of the good news. And it’s the good news that God uses to change people’s hearts. So if you don’t have Jesus in your sermon–the good news–then you don’t have a sermon that can change people’s hearts. You might have a sermon that motivates people to make temporal changes, but like a branch disconnected from the vine, changes not rooted in the grace of God will quickly wither away.

2. A Sermon Without Application

Satan has impeccable theology. He knows everything there is to know about God. But he doesn’t obey God or worship Him as God. Satan’s problem is not an information problem. It’s a worship problem that shows itself in his actions. When we “preach” in a way that does not get to the worship problem that changes actions, Satan is very comfortable. He does not care that people’s minds are informed if their hearts and lives are not transformed.

This is why simply explaining a text is not preaching that makes Satan shudder. I’m not even convinced it should be called preaching. Teaching maybe, but not preaching. Preaching is intended to change people, not just inform them. If your intent in the pulpit is to simply inform, please leave the preaching to someone else.

I will preach Christ and I will apply the text to my people. I want to preach sermons that Satan hates.


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