Tweetable Thoughts on Discipleship

  • DiscipleshipTitleIf you haven’t read Robert Picirilli’s book called Discipleship, buy it and read it.
  • Grace upon grace? Absolutely. But grace that effects no change in someone’s life is not real grace. Grace is free, but it is not cheap or weak.
  • The Bible does not say that “Those who live unrighteous lives but made a faith decision will enter the kingdom of God.” The Bible says those whose lives have been changed by grace live righteously–they are the ones who will inherit the kingdom of God.
  • Trees without fruit are cut down and burned (Matthew 7). “Converts” whose lives are not changed are not counted righteous on the last day–no matter when, how, or how often they’re baptized.
  • When God makes someone righteous by His grace, at the judgment seat of Christ, the life of that person in Christ will prove God was effective.
  • Christians sin, but sin is not characteristic of them. Sin for a Christian is like a person acting a part. It happens, but it’s not who they really are.
  • Good works are not the cause of initial salvation, but they are required at final salvation to prove initial salvation was legit. (Paraphrased from Schreiner)
  • Everything that flows out of a Christian happens as a result of new spiritual birth. People born of God look more and more like their father the older they get.
  • If someone is not living a life of a Christian, I don’t tell them to shape up or ship out no matter how long they’ve been professing Christ. I tell them to look to Christ.

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