What Faith Is

He just has so much faith.

Well, I’m not sure what that means. Faith isn’t something you measure in quantities. It’s something you either have or don’t have. It’s more like a light switch that’s either on or off rather than a fader that increases or decreases intensity.

This is important because some who think that faith is something you measure could be very much deceived. Some people think faith is simply confidence. The problem is this doesn’t necessarily imply faith. As a result, the resting place of the faith of these is how well they “believe.” Their confidence is really in themselves, not Christ.

Here’s an example.

blondin-wheelbarrowImagine a stunt man who walks across a tight rope over the Niagra Falls. He’s very skilled. He can even push a wheelbarrow across in front of him.

One day he takes his friend to the falls and demonstrates for him how he can push the wheelbarrow across the falls on the rope without falling or dropping the wheelbarrow. The stunt man even puts 180lbs of bricks in the wheelbarrow (the exact weight of his friend) and pushes that across several times without even a hint of slipping.

Then the stunt man asks his friend, “Do you have faith that I could push you across Niagra?”

“Well of course,” said the friend. I’ve seen you do it several times.

“Then get in,” replied the stunt man.


There are many people who say they believe in Jesus or have faith in Jesus but aren’t actually letting Jesus carry them to the Father. They know all there is to know¬†about Jesus. They know the size of the wheelbarrow, how far the rope stretches, the tension of the rope, even who built the wheelbarrow and why this kind of wheelbarrow is better than other kinds, but they’ve never gotten in.

Demons have this kind of faith. It’s a dead faith, a fake faith, an impostor.

Once inside the wheelbarrow, it doesn’t matter how scared you are or how calm you are. What matters is whether or not you’re in the wheelbarrow. After all, it’s Jesus that carries you across, not how well you believe or how much faith you have.

It’s like Tim Keller said,

It’s not the quality of your faith that saves you, it’s the object of your faith.