Our Church

Central Free Will Baptist Church in Royal Oak, Michigan is where I’m privileged to be the assistant pastor.

We want to be a church where God is glorified through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Downtown Royal Oak

We’re normal people. Factory workers, managers, teachers, students, lawyers, administrative assistants, engineers, grandparents, parents, kids, Michigan fans, Michigan State fans. One thing we all have in common though: Jesus. He is our Savior and King. We love Him, His Word, and one another.

We’re going through a transition/re-focussing stage right now as a church body. God has used our church in many ways throughout the last 75 years in the metro Detroit area since my grandpa Raymond Riggs started the church in 1938. We saw many people trust in Jesus’ gospel in years past, and have sent many people out with that same gospel. But the days of street preaching and singing hymns on a pump organ in the back of a pickup are gone, and a new day is here. But the gospel hasn’t changed.


We’re not convinced Jesus is done with us, and if you’re serious about the gospel, we’d love to have you join us.

Learn more about our church here.

If you’d like to come to our church for a visit, or talk about what God is doing in Royal Oak, contact me personally: jdouglasriggs[at]gmail[dot]com. I’d love to meet you and learn about what God is doing in your life.  


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